Address in Vilnius Simatra uab  has changed!

You can find us at Kareiviu st. 6 - 520, Vilnius!

Simatra nakliyat hedquarters in Istanbul


Contact us to inquire about the prices of transport services:

Vilnius: tel. no. +370 5 2779218 or e-mail 
Open I - V, 8 - 17 h.
Office GPS coordinates: 54.718231, 25.296157
Warehouse GPS coordinates: 54.809467, 25.174514 
Simatra uab warehouse scheme of road 
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Istanbul: tel. no. +90 5493323224 or e-mail  
Open I - VI, 9 - 18 h. 
GPS coordinates:  41.045036, 28.540488


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Customs brokerage

UAB Simatra has been delivering customs brokerage services since 1999. The experience we have accrued during this period enables us to save both time and money of the customer and offer a competitive quality to price ratio that ensures a stable growth of our customer base.
UAB Simatra's customs brokers offer the following services:

  • customer briefing on import duties and excises imposed on imports, amendments in valid legislation and other important matters relating to the customer goods;
  • completion of a Single Administrative Document (SAD) for import, export and transit procedures;
  • client representation in customs offices: submission of relevant documents and participation in cargo inspections;
  • client representation in territorial customs offices or Customs Department: submission of applications, receipt of permits, transit time renewal, receipt of justifications of applicable customs procedures, other authorized customs activities and classification of goods, submission of sample goods for customs laboratory testing or goods classification, etc.;
  • insurance warranty on import and transit procedures. Warranty on import procedures grants an opportunity to deffer import taxes until the 15th calendar day of the forthcoming month;
  • on client demand, payment of stamp-duties, excises, VATs and imposed customs duties.